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AI Futures – AI Futures
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AI Futures

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AI technology is shaking the social bedrock. From politics to dating, from warfare to computer games, the human condition is being reshaped by AI in both manifest and subtle ways. As a consequence, the fog of hype around AI technology is as prevalent as apocalyptic millenarianism.

Using science as a map, this blog aims to chart a route in this changing techno-social landscape, to explore how human societies are being reshaped by AI, now and maybe in the future. It is part of an interdisciplinary research program at the Institute for Futures Studies, where we, an interdisciplinary research group, will apply our expertise in social science, philosophy and mathematics to investigate the social and ethical impacts of AI.

The name of this blog, AI Futures, reflects our rejection of both naïve utopianism and technological determinism. We, as a society, have a choice on how to use this technology, but this requires informed foresight, a proactive stance, and a fuller understanding of the interplay between AI and social dynamics across different contexts. There is no single AI future there are multiple possible futures in our reach. We have choices to make.

The themes of this blog will follow the goals of our research program:

  • To understand adoption and diffusion of AI technology across geographic, demographic, and economic domains.
  • To investigate social and ethical consequences of important AI technologies, including, but not limited to, changing privacy norms, habits and social relations.
  • To analyze methods to enable and control AI technology, both from an institutional and a technical perspective.

AI Futures will present original research, literature reviews and commentary on ongoing developments in AI. We aspire to take part in the emerging and essential discussion on the futures of AI and humanity.