About AI Futures

We are a research group trying to understand the impact AI could have on society in the near future as well as how that impact depends on the choices made by individuals, companies and policymakers. The research group is led by Associate Professor Pontus Strimling and we are located at the Institute for Futures Studies, Stockholm.

The AI technology landscape is evolving quickly, and the impact on society is imminent. In order to help to advance the policy discussion on responsible AI governance in a timely way, we have chosen to publish results and opinion on this blog. While we will eventually also publish some of these results in peer-reviewed journals. 

We hope that the reader is capable of judging the soundness of our methods and allow us to make educated speculation based on the available information even though some of it will most likely be wrong. To help out in this process we will publish method sections alongside our empirical findings to make the details of the analysis transparent.

If you have any questions about specific content please contact the responsible author. If you are interested in learning more about our research effort please contact us.