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Emma Engström, Author at AI Futures
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11 October 2019
Emma Engström

The Binge-Watching Problem

It is a quarter to midnight on a Tuesday and you are asking your virtual voice assistant to stream the next episode. Seems an easy task for an AI. The catch is that last week you asked that your voice…

24 September 2019
Karim Jebari
Irina Vartanova
Karim Jebari
Pontus Strimling

Was AlphaGo Asia’s “Sputnik Moment”?

Over the next decade, many governments will face a series of choices with regards to the deployment and regulation of machine learning technology. These choices are likely to be influenced by public opinion and interest in this technology. The extent…

23 September 2019
Emma Engström

Sage Against the Machine - Conditions for AI vs. Human Expertise

Comparing Daniel Kahneman's conditions for human expertise with the conditions required to develop deep reinforcement learning algorithms