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30 September 2019
Niels Selling

Political views of leaders of AI companies

It is often said that “with great power comes great responsibility.” Many leaders of corporations at the forefront of artificial intelligence recognize this. For example, the CEO of Genpact says that companies need to reduce racial and gender bias of…

24 September 2019
Irina Vartanova
Karim Jebari
Pontus Strimling

Was AlphaGo Asia’s “Sputnik Moment”?

Over the next decade, many governments will face a series of choices with regards to the deployment and regulation of machine learning technology. These choices are likely to be influenced by public opinion and interest in this technology. The extent…

24 September 2019
Niels Selling

Political views of employees of AI companies

In the debate about artificial intelligence, there is the argument that it is virtually impossible for policymakers to understand the complex nature of AI, let alone to regulate it efficiently, timely, and properly. Instead, more and more people place their…