AI and Moral Responsibility

We are entering a new chapter in the digitalisation of society, advancing from machines as decision support, to machines as “decision makers”. This is made possible by the many breakthroughs in the development of artificial intelligence (AI) in the last decade. There is reason to expect that AI will be used increasingly not only for private decisions, but also for decisions made by public authorities and institutions. Who is responsible when a machine commits a serious error?

If AI is controlling us – who is controlling AI?

AI sees you. Through an ever growing network of applications, microphones and cameras, data about your behavior is continuously collected almost wherever you are. We are getting accustomed to our digital trail being used to tailor ads and to make your Netflix binging more convenient. These things might seem harmless, but there is a reason why this kind of data is a commodity coveted by […]

AI winter is coming?

The history of artificial intelligence (AI) has been a history of boom and bust. Periods of hype, exaggerated expectations and plentiful funding have been followed by periods known as “AI Winters”…