If AI is controlling us – who is controlling AI?

AI sees you. Through an ever growing network of applications, microphones and cameras, data about your behavior is continuously collected almost wherever you are. We are getting accustomed to our digital trail being used to tailor ads and to make your Netflix binging more convenient. These things might seem harmless, but there is a reason why this kind of data is a commodity coveted by […]

AI winter is coming?

The history of artificial intelligence (AI) has been a history of boom and bust. Periods of hype, exaggerated expectations and plentiful funding have been followed by periods known as “AI Winters”…

Voice assistants become Choice assistants?

In Homer’s epic poem, as Ulysses heads home, Circe suggests that he plug his ears. Otherwise, the Sirens’ song would lure him to steer his ship towards rocks and shipwreck. Ulysses asks his crew to plug their ears and tie him to the ship’s mast. When he passes the Sirens, he asks his crew to release him, but they refuse and the ship sails on…

AI risks and do we have to care about the implausible?

Granted the current technological development of AI, the evaluation of risks of AI are highly relevant. Some proponents of AI safety have suggested elaborate scenarios of AI risks [1], which strikes others as implausible and hence—or so they argue—ought to be ignored [2]. Thus, the question of how much attention we should give to implausible scenarios is a highly relevant issue to resolve. Interestingly, there […]